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Last week's news was dominated by the right-wing and neo-Nazi demonstrations in Chemnitz, Germany, and counter-protests which finalised in a benefit concert on Monday. I was there for stern magazine, covering the demonstrations as well as personal stories of people participating in them. It was unbearably sad to see the hate of human beings directed at other human beings for simply their place of origin or personal opinion. The hostility against me personally was hard to bear and I cannot imagine how people who came to this country for shelter or in pursuit of personal development must have felt like and still feel.

It is our obligation as the media and as citizens of this country to truly analyse what has happened and is happening, especially in the former GDR. To understand the forces behind these protests and put them into context, the at times even legit fears of people next to historical facts must be addressed and rehabilitated. If we don't do that with the appropriate objectiveness and outside our filter bubble which is our personal identity, we may run into a world we thought extinct. It is in times like this where we have to step away from our greed for the next big headline or the next horrific picture which boosts our newspaper, news site or magazine and really focus on the matter at hand with no objective but to truly understand and find approaches to change the current situation.

But there is hope and we have to cover this hope as well as the hate! On Monday night people were standing around the place Daniel was killed, chanting "Wir sind das Volk". Around them where counter-protesters, only separated by one line of police. At times, the police opened the circle so people could talk to each other. And they did...

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When I started my road trip from Stuttgart to Leipzig on an old east german scooter (Schwalbe) two days ago, I had planned to make a video diary about the journey. First things first, it really isn't easy to hold a camera while throttling and shifting at the same time. Will have to figure this out... But, coincidentally, I had to pause the road trip yesterday in the beautiful town of Kronach and get a train back home to Leipzig. I'm now sitting in the train en route to Chemnitz where I'll be covering the current events for stern Magazine.

The Schwalbe is safely parked in a garage of some very nice people I barley know and certainly as thrilled as I'm on the prospect of a proper trip home to Leipzig within the coming weeks. Hopefully I'll have figured out how to film and drive at the same time by then...

Greetings and until soon!

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It was time for a completely new website! With this new website it just got a lot easier for you to catch up with the most resent work and scroll through the latest stories even on you phone. If you have some ideas on to how this experience could be improved, please don't hesitate to write me! In the meantime, enjoy this new experience, subscribe to the newsletter and stay up-to-date on this news site.

Best regards from Leipzig!

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